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Gardening on High-Rise Apartments

It’s in to the wee hrs now. Though still busy with my incomplete stuff, I’m enjoying myself jamming to Stanley Leong’s conversation from “The Family Room” on Funnel NewsAsia.

Tonight, the subject that caught attention was from the guest speaker, Wilson Wong from Eco-friendly Culture Singapore discussing his experience with growing in high-rise apartments. Someone named Manley dialled directly into question an issue on growing his three bananas plants and the other caller, Mrs Chan dialling directly into talk to him about her troubled chilli plant.

Wilson described why herbs be more effective grown on grounds rather of containers. Just how much water ought to be employed for various kinds of plants Also, he asked listeners to go to his community garden at block 135, Serangoon Gardens. A residential area garden in Singapore is really a public garden whereby residents of the housing estate volunteer their assistance and amount of time in building a small stretch of land which doesn’t fit in with them.

I’m a lover of plants growing. I began growing eco-friendly non-flowering plants, especially individuals that have been edible. Chilli, tomato plants, mints, spring onion, capsicum. Progressively, I additionally enjoy growing flowering plants. I don’t know their names but certainly do enjoy myself watching them developing from small buds to full blossoms. If only I will tell you the way elated I’m whenever I see my new chilli, tomato plants, capsicum or even the flowers appearing. The kids are thrilled too. We’ve even taken individuals happy motions in pictures.

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